Odelouca & Arade rivers 3D LIDAR Mapping

The high-precision 3D mapping works of Work Package 6 are underway and the capture and processing of the maps obtained with airborne LIDAR technology has already been completed. These works have covered the basins of the Odelouca and Arade rivers from their reservoirs closest to the Algarve Coast, as well as the Arade estuary and its outlet to the sea in Portimâo.

Rivers and river beds 3D Mapping with LIDAR

The high-precision 3D mapping works of Work Package 5 have been completed and are available for partners and associate partners of the AA-FLOODS Project to serve as a basis for other activities of Work Packages 4 and 5.

PROJECT AA-FLOODS au Algarve. Águas do Algarve

Águas do Algarve participe au projet AA-FLOODS dans le but d’améliorer la prévention et la gestion des urgences liées aux inondations. Dans ce reportage vidéo, la vice-présidente Mme Isabel Soares explique le problème du changement climatique en Algarve, le problème des inondations et des sécheresses, le rôle de l’entreprise publique Águas do Algarve dans le … Lire la suite

Modelling of pluvial flooding at local scales

The urbanization, and consequently, the high degree of impermeability of urban areas, along with the effects of climate change, are increasing the flooding occurrence in cities and its consequences during severe rainfall events. The AA-FLOODS project works in the modeling of torrential rains runoff at local scale for different settlements in Andalucía (Spain). One of … Lire la suite

Delivering sustainable urban water management through local action

Adopting a collaborative and integrated approach to urban water management can realise multiple benefits for people and the environment including reduced flood risk, improved water quality and enhanced community health and well-being through recreation and engagement with green-blue spaces.