Transport infrastructure damaged by floods has a detrimental impact on recovery – the Irish experience

To plan, prevent, prepare, protect and recover after a hazard such as a flood, a thorough understanding of the impact such an occurrence might have at various levels is required. There is no doubt that floods are the amongst the most common and widespread natural disasters. Flooding may have considerable impacts on people and society, … Lire la suite

CEMS WEEKS begins its cycle of conferences on floods

The Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS) celebrates CEMS Week 2021, in which an update of the Service will be made, and will dedicate a series of talks with experts, political leaders in the management of the emergencies, and users of this service. In this great virtual Conference, you will be able to learn first-hand about … Lire la suite

Floods and slides in Indonesia and Timor: displaced peopel as a result of natural disasters

Indonesia has suffered 1.030 natural disasters so far in 2021, including earthquakes, floods, landslides, fires and tornadoes, which, not counting the victims of the lates floods, caused 282 deaths. Landslides and flash floods are frequent in the Indonesian archipelago, especially in the rainy season.  Environmental defenders claim that deforestation favors these catastrophes. The National Disaster … Lire la suite