Emergency Management Questionnaires

Project & Questionnaire Summary

There is no doubt that floods are the most common and widespread natural disasters. Flooding may have considerable impacts on people and society, property, critical infrastructure, environment and cultural heritage.

AA-Floods is an European initiative that aims on implementing improved and/or new flood risk management and response techniques, strategies, and regulations at the local scale in the Atlantic Area to reduce the impacts of future floods. National, regional, and local governments, communities, water businesses, and scientists must work together to improve flood prevention, warning, coordination, and emergency management tools at the local level in disaster risk reduction initiatives.

Trinity College Dublin, one of the nine AA-Floods partners, is working on Improving the coordination among Emergency Management bodies. A thorough knowledge of the current challenges that emergency management faces is required. Therefore, this Questionnaire has been developed to identify the shortages and areas where improvement is possible in emergency management, as well as transferable knowledge from the transnational analysis with particular focus on coordination.

All experts and organisations involved in flood emergency response are invited to take this survey. Please take 30-40 minutes to complete the survey below to assist us understand the current challenges in emergency management.

Privacy Statement

The scope of this Questionnaire is to understand the relationships between all actors involved in emergency management of a country and help improving the coordination among them. Trinity College Dublin fully respects your right to privacy and doesn’t collect, use, share, store and process personal data. The information you will provide below will be collected, stored, analysed and presented in compliance with the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Questionnaire https://forms.gle/tAYsriRqAfueJ1Ri7

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